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"A Whippet Like Me" ​by Sammy Squiggle Hollinsclough & Jasper Blane

A delightful and funny little book about the life and times of a black and white whippet called Sammy. The story unfolds from his beginnings as a puppy on a rural farm to his interest in art and his interaction with his two human brothers. The book is written from the perspective of the dog himself and will delight children of all ages - and even adults, especially whippet owners!

The illustrations in the book are presented in an array of different artistic styles, from pencil sketch to post-impressionist and are made from original photographs using the latest graphic editing software. The illustrations are diverse and striking and should provide children and parents with good talking points about artistic genre. 

The story itself is written in rhyme and good metre: it should serve as a humorous introduction to what can be termed “the narrative art in verse”.

All things considered, this is a lovely book which should instantly endear itself to children and remain a favourite to go back to time and again.

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