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  • Spike Potter

Just playing with collective nouns...

And a murder flew past my window then,

as a sleuth prowled below, through the trees;

and a raindrop fell,

and a church bell tolled,

and the murder soared high, on the breeze.

Then came a flight of a different kind:

a covert of coots climbed the sky;

and the murder was gone,

and the covert was come,

but the sleuth never saw them pass by.

And the covert flew high, to survey all below,

and it circled a while, and it flew past the trees;

and they sighted a lake of deep-water beneath:

from the sky to the lake, from the wind to the waves,

from dark upon light - to dark upon dark,

from a covert overt - to a covert covert,

they descended, unseen by the sleuth.

Spike Potter

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