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"The Golden Treasury of Selected School Works" OR "Only Half Mad" by Spike Potter

A brilliant anthology of bizarre, eccentric and facetious school works, coupled with incisive and often hilarious interviews with their respective authors. A veritable treasure trove of zany whimsicality, ludicrous opinions and insane dialogues between the interviewer (Spike Potter) and a kooky bunch of offbeat ex-students. How did any of these people ever pass their exams?

As the conversations turn quickly from giant pigeons, to vampires to "cheating" in GSCE and A-Level exams by making up "facts" that aren't facts, the reader is left in no doubt that many of these people are not quite the full picnic. 

Initial peer reviews of this title have been extremely favourable and for the "tuned in" mind-set, this volume will undoubtedly prove to be hilariously funny.

Some of the opinions evinced may also startle. As one commentator put it: "I opened this book as one man, and closed it as another" - it reminds us of Heraclitus and his great river aphorism!

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