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"The Whippet Wizards" ​by Anton Corvus

The Whippet Wizards is a delightfully entertaining and hilariously funny book about three kind-hearted whippets who have taken up magic and fancy themselves as wizards. Unfortunately, they sometimes find that their spells do not quite work out as planned.

The book has been written in rhyming couplets to assist children in understanding both rhyme and metre. Most of the vocabulary in the story will be familiar to listeners/readers age 4 to 9, but fifteen new, long or obscure words are introduced in the story to help children grow their vocabulary. These words are highlighted within the text by bold type the first time that they appear, and an appendix at the end of the story explains the meaning of each new word so that readers will not need to refer to a dictionary.

This book is intended to educate while also amuse, such that the listener/reader gains an understanding of both rhyme and metre, and is introduced to new vocabulary, without even realising it or making any conscious effort to learn.

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