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We take much pleasure in presenting a broad selection of writing by members of the Awenyddion community. 

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Some of the entries here may also be part of an existing publication (reproduced here with the publisher's permission) and when this is the case, the name of the publication and a link to it will be provided. Many of the pieces here are being published for the first time (at Awenyddion) but may be included in published anthologies at a later time, in which case they may be removed from this page without notice at the publisher's request. 

All of the works presented through this page are copyright (the copyright is generally held by the writer herself/himself) so if you wish to link to any of the items, or quote from them, then please do credit the poet and the awenyddion.com website. Please do not copy any of the items featured and place them elsewhere on the internet without permission from our editor who may be contacted at editor@awenyddion.com or via the contact form. 


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